Netizaar User Interface Design & Design System

Client: Netizaar | Year: 2020


Netizaar, a combined word of “Netizen” & “Bazaar”, is a part-time freelance project I did for an American company. The idea of the app is to create the future of social network and to advance the humanity. Their target group is going to be celebrities in Hollywood.

The interface design is still in progress. But you can find already designed mockup screens here: Sketch Cloud

Design System

I also created a design system for Netizaar. Design system is a set of deliverables and will evolve constantly with the product. This design system is fully intergrated in both Sketch and Figma, which enables me or other designers in the future create consistent interfaces in a quick and easy way.

Developer Handoff

Since Netizaar has a holistic design system, this can make developers easier to follow design guidelines without being confused or asking back and forth about design while developing. I use Zeplin to handout my design to developers currently. However, I plan to gradually migrate the whole project from Sketch to Figma. By the time, I will no longer need to export design to Zeplin, instead ask developers to view directly in Figma.

Netizaar use 4pt baseline grid setup