MYMY Catering

Improving online catering overall user experience

MYMY catering | Year: 2020

Rebranding & Rolling out MVP

Early 2020, MeinWunschcatering GmbH rebranded as MYMY Catering. In our rebranding design thinking workshop, we defined our brand vision and brand identity.

Based on the brand definition, I created brand visual identity and several design system deliverables, such as style guide and component library.

At the meantime, I was designing the user interfaces of our new website. The leadership decided internally that the whole website was going to build on Craft CMS in order to best serve the need of the company. Thus, this decision led my design to CMS-driven components focused design.

User Experience Analysis

Our MVP rolled out on July 4th. After the first version of the website was built, the whole company would like to better understand how users engage with the website, navigate and how intuitive it is. We, the product team, was then assigned to run an user experience analysis.
The goal is expected to deliver recommendations for improving our digital product, food product and content.

My Role
UI/UX Designer

The Team
1x UI/UX Designer
2x Developers
1x Product Manager

Tools Used
Google Analytics

Key Contribution
User Research
Data Analysis
Insights Define
Project Management
Solutions Implement


Identify Our Best Users

German Desktop Users From Organic Search

We’ve used Hotjar to collect 100 video footages about users using MYMY Catering website. Due to limited time and resources, I only want to focus on videos that are from our best users to make sure our improvement can maximise its effectiveness. So called best users means users that are numerous and generate the most profit to the site.

By looking at the data in Google Analytic, I can identify our best users are mostly from Germany coming from organic Search. I also found that although mobile brought the most traffic, desktop users turned out generated the most profit. The reason behind might be users nowadays mainly use mobile on browsing, while they still tend to use desktop to make sensitive decisions or placing orders.

According to Google Analytic, I summarized our best users are German Desktop Users From Organic Search

Define Our Challenges

Based on the best users criteria, 100 video footages are filtered down to 9 and been observed closely.

I sorted common user painpoints amongst the observation and found couple insights that we could focus on.

Insight #1

Browsing > Buying

Most of the users landed on our website began with browsing purpose. However, the availability check on the homepage keep many users from entering the funnel. Users also do not clearly see our USPs on the homepage, nor do they scroll down and discover other useful content.
How might we ‘sell’ MYMY catering more on the homepage above the fold and encourage the customer to explore more of the website?

Insight #2

Lack of information

Because catering order prices are usually huge, users tend to be more careful on placing orders. They spent time double checking order items and comparing the best option but the current website cannot provide enough information for them to decide if the product meets their qualifications.
How might we give customers a better insight of what the food looks like, taste like and help them make decisions?

From Findings to Features

With all my research and insights in mind, I started scribbling some sketches on paper. For homepage, I did several changes to smoothen browsing experiences:

Inside our funnel, I added several informative feautres to users. We also collaborated with marketing team to provide more detailed product description on each item.

Final Design and Takeaways

We implemented most of the short term solutions based on our findings from user research. There are as well as some long term action items which were already recorded down as Jira tickets and will be addressed in the near future. In the end, the leadership were very pleased with the recommendations we suggested and found them really helpful and are great initiatives.

We rolled out the new design in our last release which is last Thursday 5.Nov. It’s kind of hard to look purely on system bookings to validate if the design was successful because the impact from Corona restriction. We can’t be sure whether bookings not increasing is due to the design or due to restrictions. But I have been monitoring the bounce rate of the homepage. Until today has dropped already 8%. In the long run, if I can get resources, I am planning to gather some users for interview and keep iterating.